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YanTai Desay Machinery Co., Ltd
     YanTai Desay Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise. We are engaged in the research and development of engineering machinery as
well as the production, selling and service about our products. We have a high-tech developing team which is consisted of many experienced
experts.Their years experience of scientific developing, products' manufacturing and serving absorb the quintessence both internal and
external. We major in design and produce concrete transplanting equipment, subterranean heat's complete set of equipment, outside wall's
heat preservation equipment and many other series. Besides, we provide the service of leasing and repairing, project construction and all the relevant consultations.
     Since the day Desay Machinery Company founded, we followed the request of ISO9000 Quality management system Fundamentals and 
Vocabulary.¡°People oriented, start arduously, keep improving, overtake the first-rate¡± is the concept of our enterprise. We devote in high
quality and humanized products' researching and service. Our main products include BS fine stone concrete pump, FP automatic concrete 
foaming machine, SL successive mix machine,concrete foaming machine and so on. We take the spirit of ¡°honesty as the foundation, to 
scheme the development together¡±, follow the company's aim of¡°all for customs, self-discipline, making contribution for our society¡±, try our
best to open the market and serve you with all our heat to supplythe omni-directional, omni-process, high quality and efficiency service.
     All the members of Desay are confident to the future. We hold the sublime historical duty and national self-esteem to develop our people's 
sprit¡°self-reliant and innovation, industrial dedicate to the mother land¡±. Unremitting strive will be done to promote the development of nal
China's natioindustrial too. 
      Welcome to the beautiful seashore city ¨CYantai, Shandong Province, the place where our Desay Machinery Company located. 
      Let's join force together with Desay and create a better future!

Address:YuanSheng Road 1# LaiShan district YanTai China   Zip Code:264003   Tel: 0535-6919986
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